Monday, December 5, 2011

13 Swiss Brands in L2 Facebook IQ 2011

"The L2 Prestige 100®: Facebook IQ measures the aptitude of 100 prestige brands from the Auto, Beauty, Fashion, Watches & Jewelry, and Spirits & Champagnes industries on the world’s fastest growing social media platform."
Here's how the most famous Swiss brands show up in the report with really nice comments from L2:

#24: Omega — "High fan engagement keeps this timepiece ticking".

#28: IWC Schaffhausen — "IWC achieves well-jeweled precision through up-to-the-minute responsiveness".

#34: TAG Heuer — "TAG's Odyssey of Pioneers tab helps brand tick".

#46: Piaget — "The "eternal quest for technical mastery" should start with interaction".

#54: Hublot Genève — "Hublot’s “Touchpoints” tab gives a new meaning to The Art of Fusion tagline".

#65: Vacheron Constantin — "A small but active fan base saves venerable watchmaker from becoming a relic"

#65: Raymond Weil — "Fans own a minute in time; the brand understands what makes its devotees tick". 

#71: Jaeger-LeCoultre — "Many of the right elements in place, but still a laggard".

#72: Movado — "More brand posts would move dial".

#75: Chopard — "This page could use a little Air De Printemps".

#92: Audemars Piguet — "Facebook strategy isn’t ticking".

#94: Rolex — "Time for brand to live up to its reputation".

#98 (yes, it's just 2nd from the bottom!): Patek Philippe — "Facebook isn't automatic, it needs to be hand-wound".

Does it seem promising to you? Tell us what you think!

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  1. I agree that Piaget is a real leader in terms of technology. Tag Heuer isn't bad as well : )

    Rolex... when a company REALLY relies on its reputation.